911 Emergency….

‘The CT scan is showing a massive blood clot blocking the right middle cerebral artery, we need your permission to administer a clot busting drug, it carries risk, but at this point it’s her best chance’

It was one of those ‘bad dream moments’. Only an hour and half earlier we were planning a family meal together and my Mom was busying herself in the kitchen. Suddenly she suffered a massive stroke. Now we were standing in the Hyper Acute Stroke Ward with a Doctor and our Pastor learning that my Mom was fighting for her life.

Some storms in life completely blindside us. ‘Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth’ my own coach quoted recently… and how true that is… My Mom was unknowingly living with an irregular heartbeat.

I’m happy to report she responded beyond expectations to treatment and was discharged after only 6 days to begin her rehab and recovery. Life is different now for us all, but the additional time we’ve been blessed with we are grateful for.

Life Throws a Curve Ball

Some aspects of life can never be predicted or planned for, but when it comes to our health and wellbeing, lifestyle is a huge factor. Positive changes can give us a real opportunity of living our best possible life.

As a coach and trainer, I’ve learned a lot of theory around exercise and food but spending time on the Stroke Ward with desperately ill people, for whom life will never be the same, has been an absolute game changer the sense of urgency I feel for the health of family, friends and clients.

I believe in the awesome contribution female entrepreneurs and business owners make to the world, so can I urge you…. please take your health seriously.

5 ways to get serious from today:

  1. Don’t wait until you’re in the doctor’s office or emergency room getting life changing news before you start looking after your health.
  2. Look at ways to build activity into your day and week. You’re not designed for the huge amount of sitting many of us do.
  3. Make sure the food and drink your eating is helping not hurting. Work with a professional if you don’t know what you should be eating.
  4. If you need to lose weight make that a priority. Get help if your struggling. Being overweight with an unhealthy lifestyle is linked to significant health problems.
  5. Make sleep, rest and down time a priority. This 24/7, hustle, no days off culture is the stuff of early graves. The impact you want to make my friend, is best delivered from a place of health, strength and confidence. Take good care of yourself and don’t leave it one more day before you start.

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Joanne Coley is an Online Body Transformation Coach based in the United Kingdom. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transforms their health and lives. The Faster Leaner Stronger Entrepreneurs program is designed to help women take the best care of themselves, so they can serve more people, create more impact and blow the ceiling off their earning potential.

Photo Credit Mathew Henry – Burst