In my 20 Quick and Tasty Breakfast Ideas for Faster Leaner Entrepreneurs, there are several oatmeal options.

Here are 6 reasons its worth including oatmeal in your diet.

  1. They pack a well-balanced nutritious punch. Great source of carbohydrate, fibre, protein, fat and plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Fantastic ‘good for you’ snack or meal, full of the all nutritional ‘good guys’.
  2. Quick and easy to prep. They can be eaten on the go, and establishments open for breakfast will serve oats with all kinds of toppings and milk options to keep it interesting.
  3. Oatmeal is very filling – eat filling foods may help you eat fewer calories and lose weight. Beta – glucan in oatmeal is thought to promote a satiety hormone produced in the gut. Feeling fuller means less calories eaten overall.
  4. Keeps you regular! – the fibre rich outer coating of the gran called oat bran helps keep things moving. 100% a good thing.
  5. Oats have been associated with all sorts of benefits, including decreased risk of childhood asthma, enhanced immune system, reduction of blood sugar and insulin responses, support for cardio vascular system, the list goes on. They are currently being explored in areas like cancer research.
  6. Naturally gluten free – I was surprised by this one. Important to note that other grains can contaminate this during production, so you must be sure to buy pure oats, but its great news that if you have gluten intolerance issues, the right oats can still be a great breakfast option.

Why I choose Oats.

For me oats are a great energy boost, and if I eat them around 8/9 am I don’t feel I need anything else till around 1 pm. If you’re looking to lose weight being in control of your calories throughout the day. The right foods can make this much easier to achieve.

Best Breakfast Oats I’ve had anywhere so far Leon Restaurant Canary Wharf London. Blueberries and Honey Toasted Seeds!!!!

Photo by Kate Tsib CCO